" She’s a reliable, driven, ethical and professional person."

Lynn’s consistent performance as a real estate salesperson has rendered her a Top Achiever. Over the years, she has facilitated numerous transactions of high-end properties. Rather than viewing property transactions through a sales-oriented lens, Lynn employs her strong analytical skills to provide her clients a professional perspective that would aid them in the structuring of their property portfolios.

With the continuous growth of her pool of high-end luxury clientele network, Lynn is the Top Lady Achiever in ERA Singapore with consistent outstanding results over the years. With her dedication to serving her clients, as well as her strong sense of ethics, Lynn is a property advisor whom clients can entrust their property to.

"Achieving Top 5 Agents for 7 years in ERA never comes easy, especially in an agency that’s filled with a lot of elites."

Having known Lynn for more than a decade, Marcus Chu witnessed the birth and growth of her flourishing real estate career in ERA Singapore since 2009. Her unparalleled foresight in the real estate market has propelled her career to new heights in prime districts through past cooling measures in 2013 & 2018. 


Her ability to transmute her personal traits into her strengths, coupled with her hard work, distinguishes Lynn as a real estate salesperson. Lynn has come a long way from serving her first client in district 10. Providing her astute insight and expertise to her ever-expanding network in prime districts 9, 10 & 11, she has helped many in navigating the real estate market and furthering their own property investment journey.

"So, in short, I would say that Lynn is truly a trusted advisor and a very savvy dealmaker."

As the Key Executive Officer for ERA Singapore, Eugene Lim oversees the Legal and Compliance Team. Having worked closely with Lynn for more than a decade, he has seen her commitment to ensuring that clients’ interests are accounted for, and that the terms laid out in the official documentation are aligned with those which have been agreed upon. Lynn’s reliability and strong sense of responsibility give her clients assurance in her facilitation of their property investment journey, and those of their friends and family.


With years of experience under her belt, Lynn is able to tailor strategies according to the individual needs of the clients. While Lynn understands that time is of the essence when it comes to closing deals, she upholds her values and ethics, providing her clients clarity on the transaction of their properties. 

"In the last few years, she actually graduated into the Top 5 position. Besides her own performance, she is challenging herself to do better on a yearly basis."

Lynn has been established as an illustrious producer whose consistent performance is reflected in her track records, but her continual efforts to surpass her past achievements is what cements her standing in the industry as an extraordinary property agent.


Beyond assisting clients with the procedures involved in the property transactions, Lynn offers her clients her professional opinion informed by an in-depth study of the market and that of the individual properties. Understanding the needs of each client, she is able to help them in fulfilling their goals through their property investment journey.

"I’ve known Lynn for many years and she’s a very consistent producer. Not only that, she’s our Top 5 Producer in ERA and she’s probably one of the female producers that has been consistent in her performance over these years. "

A multimillionaire achiever for two consecutive years, Lynn is able to tap into her wealth of knowledge of the real estate industry, as well as her proficiency in dealing with numerical figures, to render clients assistance in their property journeys. Her Top Project Achiever awards are also a testament to her profound understanding of the projects, particularly in prime districts such as districts 9, 10, and 11.


Whether it is pertaining to the lease or sale of properties, Lynn is able to, with her meticulous attention to detail, support her clients in working towards their particular goals. Keeping an eye out for the latest developments in the market, she is able to provide advice pivotal in her clients’ decision-making process.

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